Champion Township Board of Trustees is the township's legislative and executive body.  The trustees elect a Chair and milf videos
Vice Chair to conduct their meetings the first Monday of the month at 6:30pm.

The township is governed by a three-member board of trustees, who are elected in November of odd-numbered years to a four-year term beginning on the following January 1. Two are elected in the year after the presidential election and one is elected in the year before it. There is also an elected township fiscal officer, who serves a four-year term beginning on April 1 of the year after the election, which is held in November of the year before the presidential election. Vacancies in the fiscal officership or on the board of trustees are filled by the remaining trustees.

The trustee is responsible for establishing a township budget and making sure that budget is kept. The trustee will make this budget each fiscal year and report this budget to the township board and county council. Each part of this budget will cover the areas of responsibility of the township trustee which includes fire protection, police enforcement and road maintenance. Other areas of responsibility will also be covered in the annual budget submitted by the township trustee.


All cemetery maintenance is the responsibility of the township trustee. This includes the mowing, repairing and general cleanup of every cemetery in the township. All cemeteries fall under the jurisdiction of the township trustee including old and abandoned cemeteries. The trustee will make sure all the cemeteries are cordoned off from the rest of the personal property and that no harm, such as vandalism, is done to the cemeteries.

Land Disputes

All land disputes are handled by the township trustee. When two landowners argue over the boundaries of their individual properties, the township trustee will make the decision based on current state laws. This will involve hiring a surveyor and reviewing land deeds and titles.


Most township trustees are responsible for assessing each piece of property on an annual basis for the purposes of property taxation. Along with this annual property assessment, the township trustee will assess new or remodeled properties that have received permits from the county offices.

Parks and Recreation

The township trustee is authorized to establish parks or recreational areas for the township. Along with establishing a township park or recreation area comes the duty of maintaining the area designated for the community. This will include the hiring of park or recreation personnel.

Assistance Duties

The township trustee will ensure that all the needs of the poor in the township are being tended to. This will involve dispersing government food, identifying the poor in the township, financial assistance or any other relief is made available to the needy in their community.

Champion Trustees 2010:

Jeffery S. Hovanic, Chairman
1127 Center Street W., Warren, OH 44481

Peggy Mercer, Fiscal Officer
299 Airport Road, N.W., Warren, OH 44481

Robert W. Farmer
1257 Bristol-Champion Twn. Rd. W. Bristolville,
OH 44402

William R. Templeton
5498 Country Trail, Warren, OH 44481


Trustees' meetings, first Monday of the month, 6:30pm

(Meetings Move to 2nd Monday in event of a Holiday)
Champion Township Garage
149 Center Street East
Warren, OH 44481

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